What counts for campaign hours?  Well, anything you do for the Republican Party that you are not paid for.  Rules of thumb for counting hours:

1) Planning – any time you spend planning or preparing for a meeting, fundraiser, or attending any Republican function counts.
2) Organizing – any time you spend printing, addressing, stuffing, e-mailing, or filing counts
3) Travel Time – the time from when you left your house till you arrive counts and the time from when you leave home counts.  This includes driving to our monthly meetings.
4) Conducting – any time you spend conducting a training or conducting a committee meeting counts.
5) Training – any time you spend at a training seminar for the Republican Party or TFRW counts.
6) Time at all club Board and Committee meetings counts.
7) Campaigning – any time you spend block walking, making phone calls, working the polls, volunteering at headquarters, running for office, or volunteering at a candidates headquarters counts.
What doesn’t count?
1) Paid political activity – if you are paid by the party or a candidate, it does not count
2) Being an Election Judge – unless you donate your pay
3) Time at our monthly meeting – but your TRAVEL time does!