February General Meeting

February 10
11:30 am
Denton County Southwest Courthouse
6200 Canyon Falls Drive, Argyle

Thanks to COVID-19, nothing is “normal” anymore, and that even applies to our state Legislature, which is now meeting for its bi-annual 140-day session. Lots of questions are being asked: Will there be new or lowered taxes? How will we fund public education? Who will chair the important committees? What about border and election security? Where does the power really lie?

Having a new Speaker of the House, several new House and Senate members from both political parties, and the challenges of convening in committees and general sessions while maintaining a safe environment for the legislators and the public, adds to the drama already brewing in Austin.

To get an “insider’s” viewpoint and the REAL story of what we should not plan on and what we can expect from this important governing session as well as who’s really in charge, we will have a nationally-recognized political expert share “inside the capital” secrets: MATT MACKOWIAK, who appears regularly on FOX News, FOX Business News, MSNBS, BBC News, Sky News and CBC TV and also has a weekly national political podcast where his interviews have included U.S.  Senators, Cabinet members, top journalists, and diplomats, among others.

Matt’s also worked for top level elected officials including Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and an Arkansas Governor and was a political appointment to the Under Secretary of Homeland Security. Adding to his political credentials, Matt has been a campaign consultant for many successful Republican candidates, and currently is serving as the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party in the bluest part of the state — Austin.

Matt’s reputation for straight shooting and valuable insight in politics makes him a very sought-after speaker both in Texas and across the country. His “Must Read Texas” blog delivers a daily email full of political information to several thousand Texans. This is a speaker that you do NOT want to miss! Plan to join us at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the SW County Courthouse, 6200 Canyon Falls Blvd. in Argyle.

If you’d like to order a lunch which will be delivered by Jason’s Deli, use this link https://gameday.jasonsdeli.com to order and pre-pay for one of their delicious lunches. (You will need to choose Texas Strong Republican Women and our Feb. 10 date and set up your account before selecting your lunch.)

Remember, we will be observing the CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing. Please invite other guests to come and hear this very special speaker! See you there!

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